Calcium Carbonate Limestone Machine

Calcium Carbonate Limestone Machine

Calcium Carbonate Limestone Machine bearing failure reasons and countermeasures

 As an important ore dressing equipment, Calcium Carbonate Limestone Machine has a great impact on its main bearing failure. It generally needs direct shutdown, which seriously affects the production operation. Therefore, can it quickly find the cause of the failure of the Calcium Carbonate Limestone Machine bearing and its production efficiency? great influence. The author communicated with Shanghai A&C Machine’s Calcium Carbonate Limestone Machine expert senior engineer, and listened to the experts to analyze the cause of bearing failure. How should we deal with various situations?


The Calcium Carbonate Limestone Machine bearing plays an important role in the operation of the pen, not only supporting the weight of the entire rotating part, but also bearing the impact load caused by the grinding body and material falling. Therefore, when the Calcium Carbonate Limestone Machine bearing fails At the same time, it will affect the normal operation of the entire equipment, which will affect the operation of the entire beneficiation production line, resulting in significant losses.


  • 1. The failure mode of the Calcium Carbonate Limestone Machine bearing is mainly the wear of the tumbling surface, fatigue or fretting abrasion. Especially the damaged parts are mostly cages or tumbling bodies, and the ferrule or gasket still has the correction value.
  • 2. The bearing is near failure or has failed and the part has not been seriously damaged, or it is necessary for the valuable bearing to try to extend its useful period of use.
  • 3, the bearing has minor damage, such as the fine rust that occurs during the inventory period, as well as the slight fretting abrasions that occur during the transportation process. It is a pity that this kind of condition correction is abbreviated.


 Bearing repair should not only consider its economic benefits, but also think about the skill elements. Clearly repair the skill requirements of each process and how to ensure the overall quality of the repaired bearings; using many of the specialized experience of professional bearing plants, these experiences can reliably, efficiently and economically reach the process requirements; order from professional bearing companies The tooling amount of molds can be used to repair affairs, which can be economical and saves a lot of troubles; ordering to professional bearing companies such as cages, tumbling bodies, rivets and other accessories makes the repairing operation simple and convenient.


In addition, Shanghai A&C Machinery also reminds users that in the daily production of Calcium Carbonate Limestone Machines, it is necessary to pay attention to the monitoring of the working condition of the bearings, and to plan repairs before the failure of the bearings, and can get twice the result with half the effort. At the same time, in the repair, compliance with reasonable processes, the use of efficient repair equipment and equipment, as well as the assistance of professional bearing factories, will help to further improve the economic efficiency of enterprises.

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